Let he who wishes to say evil say so, we will do and you will say

The long wave of the Magnificent Lorenzo – protector of architects, writers and painters – projecting itself into the 21st century becomes a community capable of creating support networks to support the projects of artists and photographers, emerging or already established.

Self is born from the same need that drove the enlightened Renaissance man: to protect beauty. This requirement is realised with an independent digital platform, managed by a team that selects projects and develops them using the crowfunding method, so that each author can raise the necessary funds for the printing of their book.

If ‘self’ is about ‘self’, the basic personality, identity, nature, soul… ‘Self’, exaggerating, reiterates the concept and becomes deep identity, the only firm anchorage, what one really is, without mediation or interference.

So that artists, valued, protected and supported, are ready to make their true identity known through the beauty they create.

Selfself, an emanator of identity, is organising a three-day festival – from 10 to 12 June 2022 – at the Pergola15 event location – white walls and spaces flooded with natural light – in the heart of the Isola district in Milan.

The people who will constitute the audience of these three days and who will want to support the project will be linked to the identity of the artists they will take to heart.

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Contact us! Pergola15 is located in the heart of the Island, a lively neighbourhood of Milao in a quiet and secluded location


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