It was an industrial weighbridge, today it is your location, full of light and charm


Umberta Pellizzetti, a law graduate, passionate about sport, music, astrology and art, has been running Pergola15 since 1999 with the collaboration of many people from different professional backgrounds. From 1999 to 2015, the space hosted capoeira, samba, cultural meetings, music, photographic exhibitions, and projects with children. Many people bonded in that place, which has become a Milanese microcosm, aggregative and inclusive, very much linked to Afro-Brazilian culture. Before we met, in the 1980s-1990s, it was an industrial weighbridge, trucks came in to weigh their load of scrap metal, and hidden in its deep belly still lies the ancient weighbridge, the overhead crane that will soon see the light of day. The microcosm in those years was that of the working-class aristocracies. Before that, in the 1960s and 1970s, it housed hens; it was a large chicken coop and, during renovations in later years, hundreds of eggs were found buried in the ground. I would like to investigate the reason for burying eggs, but I have not yet managed to make contact with the people who preserve the historical memory of those years.

Pergola15, since 2015 a location for events, a secluded space in the heart of the Isola district in Milan, an iron and air structure, flooded with natural light, perfect for hosting exhibitions, corporate meetings, teambuilding, photo shoots, seminars, conferences, presentations, exhibitions, meetings. An event space, a loft with white walls that can accommodate any type of set-up, being multifaceted and adaptable to the user’s needs. Its soul, cosy, intense and silent, makes it the ideal place to host any kind of event. If you feel like it, come and visit us!

PERGOLA15 is a flexible space

Pergola15 was created inside an industrial weighbridge. Its 240 square metre structure of iron and air, its 6 metre high ceiling, its brightness and its white walls, make it a flexible and functional container for accommodating and giving breathing space to any kind of set-up. It is located in the heart of the Island, an extremely lively district of Milao, but its secluded location guarantees privacy and tranquillity.


Corporate events and conferences


Team Building


Product launches


Fashion events and photo shoots


Shows and Exhibitions


Courses and seminars


Women empowerment meetings, body positivity and all your other initiatives

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Via Pergola 11/4, Milan
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Location Pergola 15

Via Angelo della Pergola, 11, 20159 Milan