Organising an event for your company or on behalf of a company is a rewarding activity and, if you choose the location and entertainment well, success is assured.

The location must be of adequate space, depending on the number of participants, convenient to reach and pleasant in its furnishings, so that everyone is comfortable. There would be much to say about these aspects but, in this article, we will focus on entertainment.

Here are some reasons why corporate event entertainment is a decisive aspect of a successful event:

  • In cases where participants are meeting for the first time or know each other very little, entertainment will serve to break the ice more quickly and find opportunities for dialogue
  • If everyone or almost everyone already knows each other, good entertainment will maintain a relaxed and non-formal atmosphere
  • With good entertainment, people will be more inclined to tell their stories and professional anecdotes
  • Many types of entertainment are powerful team-building tools

Here are some entertainment ideas that Location Pergola15 suggests for your corporate event and that, thanks to its network of dedicated partners, it can help you realise.

Live Music

The most popular, with singers, bands and deejays accompanying the event and, if the occasion permits, making people dance.

Dinner with murder

A classic that always entertains and makes people interact. Teams are created to discover a mystery. The prize for the winner is not lacking.

Cabaret & Magic

Suitable for any budget because time and structure can be decided ad hoc. They create joy, laughter and often emotion.

Films & Projections

Very useful when one wants to facilitate discussion on certain topics proposed in the chosen projection. Also pleasant background.

Games & Casinò

Card games, board games or mini-casinos, being able to brand both the tables and the game chips (no real money is used).

Show Cooking and more

Chef cooking special dishes live or selfie corner, waiter ‘with surprise’, Quiz & Movie Game and much more.

Location Pergola15 è a Tua disposizione

Pergola15 is located in the heart of Milan, in the famous Isola district, close to Corso Como.

Maximum capacity: 100 persons

Space: 240 mq, 6 mt high walls

Event deadline by midnight


Corporate events and conferences


Private events such as parties, christenings and other celebrations


Aperitifs and dinners, also with catering service and entertainment


Team Building


Product launches


Fashion events and photo shoots


Shows and Exhibitions


Courses and seminars


Meetings on human empowerment and body positivity


Other, such as temporary offices, shops and co-working

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